A Series of Unfortunate Evenst S1 : E1 – The Bad Beginning: Part One

“If you are interested in stories with happy endings, then you would be better off somewhere else. In this story, not only is there no happy ending, there is no happy beginning and very few happy things in the middle. My name is Lemony Snicket. It is my solemn duty to bring to light the sorry history of all Baudelaire children as it happened so many years ago. But you in the audience have no such obligation, and I would advise all our viewers to turn away immediately and watch something more pleasant instead. This story will be dreadful, melancholy and calamitous, a word which here means “dreadful and melancholy.” This is because not very many happy things happened in the lives of the Baudelaires.”




Tadinya aku mau baca bukunya dulu sebelum nonton, tapi nggak tahunya bukunya banyak banget. Ada tiga belas! Dan aku baru tahu soal buku ini waktu salah satu teman di Goodreads nonstop baca ini, dari buku ke satu sampai terakhir. Dia juga selalu heboh karena buku tersebut mau diadaptasi ke TV Series. Setelah aku cek Wikipedia, ternyata season ke satu ini hanya berdasarkan buku ke satu sampai ke empatnya aja.

Episode satu bercerita tentang tiga orang kakak beradik, Violet, Klaus dan Sunny, yang harus kehilangan kedua orangtua mereka dalam peristiwa kebakaran di kediaman mereka. Ketiga bersaudara tersebut nggak berada di tempat kejadian. Karena menjadi yatim piatu, mereka akhirnya berada di bawah pengasuhan Count Olaf, yang katanya adalah saudara terdekat mereka. Mereka sebenarnya sama sekali nggak mengenal Count Olaf, bertemu pun belum pernah. Tapi mereka nggak bisa berbuat apa-apa, termasuk ketika mendapat perlakuan amat sangat nggak menyenangkan dari “orangtua walinya” tersebut.

A Series of Unfortunate Events (5)

Anehnya, di akhir cerita ada seorang pria dan wanita yang berada dalam sebuah mobil. Semacam mobil tahanan. Mereka entah mau dibawa ke mana. Aku curiga itu orangtua mereka dan peristiwa kebakaran itu adalah suatu tindakan kesengajaan. Motifnya untuk menguasai harta ketiga anak tersebut. Mereka kan berasal dari keluarga kaya raya.

A Series of Unfortunate Events (6)

Ketika ketiga anak tersebut melihat kondisi rumah mereka yang sudah hancur, Klaus menemukan sebuah benda. Di benda tersebut ada ukiran yang gambarnya mirip dengan tato yang ada di mata kaki Count Olaf.

Meski ini series anak-anak, tapi aku enjoy banget nontonnya. Setingnya bagus. Ceritanya juga lucu banget. Sambil nonton, sambil menambah kosakata juga. Kayaknya itu salah satu tujuan series ini, dan tentunya bukunya. Sering banget tokoh-tokoh di dalamnya membicarakan soal arti kata dan penggunaannya. Ketambahan, Violet dan Klaus digambarkan sebagai anak-anak yang cerdas.

Akting semua tokohnya pun bagus. Biasanya aku nggak begitu suka sama akting Joan Cusack, tapi di sini dia benar-benar cocok memerankan Justice Strauss. Lucu banget. Awalnya aku nggak begitu suka dengan kehadiran naratornya, yang memerankan Lemony Snicket, karena agak mengganggu jalan cerita. Tapi lama-kelamaan aku suka, terutama waktu kostumnya sesuai banget dengan tempat dia menarasikan cerita.  Ketambahan raut wajahnya agak sinis.

A Series of Unfortunate Events






“Violet Baudelaire was the eldest Baudelaire child. She was 14 years old, right-handed, had a real knack for inventing and building unusual devices. Klaus Baudelaire was the middle child and only boy. He was a little older than 12 and wore glasses, which made him look intelligent. He was intelligent. Sunny Baudelaire was an infant, a word which here means “a person of the age at which one mostly speaks in a series of unintelligible shrieks”, so most people had trouble understanding what she was saying. Whan Sunny lacked in communication skill, however, she made up for with the size and sharpness of her four teeth.

(Lemony Snicket)


“Happiness is beneficial for the body, but it is grief that develops the powers of the mind.”

(Klaus Quoting Proust)


“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”

(Klaus Quoting Einstein)


“I’m super bad!”

(Violet and Klaus)


“If you ever lost somebody very important to you, then you already know how it feels. And if you haven’t… you cannot possibly imagine it.”

(Lemony Snicket)


I had my star reporter write an article for the front page so that everyone will know your home was destroyed and you’re orphans now. The front page! Some people wait a lifetime for that.”

(Eleanora Poe)



Eleanor: And good night, guests. You must feel terrible, and you must miss your parents very much.
Violet: We do.
Eleanor: You do what? Say it.
Klaus: We feel terrible, and we miss our parents very much.
Eleanor: That’s gonna make a wonderful headline.
Poe: Good night, Baudelaires. Remember, our home is your home.
Eleanor: But don’t touch anything.


“Mulctuary Money Management. My name and title are on the card. Although I may be in line for a promotion so that might change.”

(Mr. Poe)


“First of all, first impressions are often wrong.”

(Violet Baudelaire)



Klaus: Did you see the tattoo on his ankle?
Violet: A tattoo is just a decorative pigment on skin. It’s not a sign of a wicked person.
Klaus: Unless it’s on a wicked person.


“Mother used to say, “Home is where you hang your hat.” But we don’t have any hats. Just rocks.”

(Klaus Baudelaire)


“Is this about the children? I apologize for the noise. I told them to crying using their inside voices.”

(Count Olaf)


“Well, you dodged a bullet. Let me tell you, those children are monsters. I open my home to them, and all they do is complain.”

(Count Olaf)



Justice Strauss: Did you say “bed”?”
Olaf: I meant “bed” as in “more than one bed,” obviously. The plural of “bed” is… “bed.”
Justice Strauss: Well, I wouldn’t know. I live alone.”
Olaf: No kidding.


“A library is like an island in a vast sea of ignorance.”

(Justice Strauss)


“I had dreams of becoming an actress, you know. An actress and a mother, instead of ending up as a world-renowned member of the judiciary and in a series of strained, platonic relationships.”

(Justice Strauss)


“I don’t care what she means. I don’t have time to learn a second language besides whatever it is I’m speaking right now.”

(Count Olaf)


“That’s what happens with wealthy kids. Money is really a corrupting influence.”

(Henchperson of Indeterminate Gender)


“This isn’t… better than nothing.”

(Klaus Baudelaire)





Count Olaf and Friends


It’s a count, it’s a count, it’s a count. It’s a count, it’s a count, it’s a count.
Who else has such robust good looks in such a large amount?
I’m handsome and I’m talented and love your bank account.
It’s a count, it’s a count, it’s a count. It’s a count, it’s a count, it’s a count.
The “C” is for courageous. Just another word for brave.
O! Oh, my God, what a very handsome knave
U! Unbelievable good looks and brains and heart
N! For the knowledge ‘cause I’m very, very smart.
T! for the talent which is such a crucial factor when you’re handsome and good-looking and the world’s greatest actor.
It’s a count, it’s a count, it’s a count. It’s a count, it’s a count, it’s a count.
Who else has such robust good looks in such a large amount?
I’m handsome and I’m talented and love your bank account.
It’s a count, it’s a count, it’s a count. It’s a count, it’s a count, it’s a count.


“And Sunny banged on a pot with a wooden spoon, singing a rather repetitive song she had written herself.”

(Lemony Snicket)


“There are many, many things that are better than nothing. A home-cooked meal is better than nothing. A roof over one’s head is better than nothing. And a place to sleep, even if the bed is very small and the blanket damp with tears, is better than nothing. But being raised in a violent and sinister environment by a man more interested in one’s fortune than comfort and well-being is not better than nothing. And as the Baudelaires would discover, there are some things that even a long night of introspection cannot change.”

(Lemony Snicket)










Sutradara: Barry Sonnenfeld 

Penulis Skenario: Daniel Handler

Berdasarkan Novel Karya Daniel Handler a.k.a Lemony Snicket:

“A Series of Unfortunate Events”

Musik: James Newton Howard

Sinematografer: Bernard Couture

Desain Kostum: Angus Strathie

Tayang Perdana: 13 Januari 2017

Durasi: 49 Menit

Nonton di: Netflix

Rating: 5 dari 5 Bintang

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