House of Cards S2 : E2

Aku nggak akan pura-pura paham dengan konflik yang terjadi diantara Raymond Tusk dan Frank. Mereka udah berkonflik dari episode satu season dua. Di episode satu pun aku nggak begitu paham apa kesepakatan di antara mereka. Yang jelas Tusk dikenal dekat dengan Pak Presiden dan bisnisnya sukses banget. Jadi sepertinya Frank meminta dukungan besar dari Tusk untuk memudahkan jalannya menjadi seorang Wakil Presiden. Impiannya tersebut akhirnya terwujud di episode dua. Namun kayaknya itu bukan berkat Tusk. Itu kerja keras Frank sendiri.

Ada suatu kebijakan yang dikeluarkan oleh pemerintah Amerika yang memberatkan pemerintah Cina, Kebijakan ini pun memiliki pengaruh besar terhadap kelangsungan bisnis Tusk di Cina (kalo gak salah ya, lol). Sebisa mungkin Tusk mengarahkan Presiden agar meminta maaf pada pemerintah Cina ketika Catherine Durant, yang menjabat Mensesneg (United States Secretary of State) mengumumkan kebijakan tersebut. Tusk pun menyarankan dengan keras agar Presiden menarik kembali kebijakan tersebut. Tanpa sepengetahuan Presiden, Catherine sebenarnya banyak “didukung” oleh Frank dalam mengeluarkan kebijakan itu. Tujuannya ya untuk mengganggu ketenangan Tusk. Dan dia “berhasil” membuat Presiden bersikukuh dengan kebijakan tersebut.  Sekali lagi, Frank berhasil menunjukkan pada Tusk kalau dia nggak bisa dianggap remeh.

Kehidupan Claire pun terusik di episode dua ini. Ada seorang lelaki dari masa lalu yang muncul lagi dalam kehidupannya. Dia sepertinya tokoh penting dalam dunia militer. Mungkin dulu dia pernah melakukan tindakan pelecehan seksual sama Claire.

Sementara itu, Jackie mulai nggak bisa menahan ambisinya ketika satu-satunya jalan untuk meraih posisi whip adalah dengan membocorkan rahasia terbesar Ted, seorang politikus yang udah seperti keluarganya sendiri. Kasihan banget Ted. Kayaknya, siapa pun yang berada di lingkaran Frank, lama-lama akan menjadi “kejam”. Tapi nggak usah dilimpahkan ke Frank juga, sih. Pada dasarnya politik itu udah kejam. Sebagian orang yang terjun di dalamnya pasti akan harus berbuat demikian supaya tujuannya tercapai.

Sampai lupa menceritakan Lucas. Dia masih belum menyerah dalam mengungkap kematian Zoe yang begitu mencurigakan. CCTV pun nggak banyak membantu. Bahkan, teman terdekatnya pun meminta dia untuk berhenti mempertanyakan soal kematian Zoe. Belum tentu kecurigaannya terbukti. Gara-gara memikirkan Zoe terus, penampilan Lucas jadi benar-benar kusut. Keep figthing for Zoe’s fact, Lucas. You have all my support. I know the truth. 






“One heartbeat away from the presidency, and not a single vote cast in my name. Democracy is so overrated.”

(Francis Underwood)



Frank: So how’s it feel to be married to the vice president?
Claire: Exactly the same… just louder.


“You can watch it a million times, but this case is closed.”



“The president is like a lone tree in an empty field. He leans whichever way the wind is blowing. And right now, Raymond Tusk blows far too strong from the West.”

(Francis Underwood)


“It’s not a Christmas present, Jackie. With you as a whip. I have a strong ally in the leadership. I stand to gain as much as you.”

(Ted Havemeyer)


“Cathy, if you don’t like how the table is set, turn over the table.”

(Francis Underwood)


“I don’t know what’s going on in your personal life, but it seems to be entering the workplace. Appearances matter. We can’t have an editor looking more disheveled than his reporters.”

(Guy in Lucas’ Office)


“Well, I can respect that, but my hands are tied.”

(Francis Underwood)


“You know, I thought I would miss this place when I stepped inside… but I don’t.

(Tom Hammerschmidt)




Lucas: You think I’m insane?
Tom: I don’t think you’re insane. I think you’ve been through a lot. You’re trying to make sense of it all.
Lucas: I know I’m right.
Tom: I’m sure you believe you are.
Lucas: It’s a fact that he helped cover up the DUI.
Tom: Imagine if one of your reporters came to you with this story. Could you print a word of it?
Lucas: No, but I’d have them keep digging.
Tom: Would you? If you’re honest with yourself, wouldn’t you tell them it seemed far-fetched? Your notes aren’t convincing. The police reports don’t prove a link. And the speculative leaps you’re making?
Lucas: I know.
Tom: Hold yourself to the same standards you hold your staff.


“When I lost my first wife, it didn’t add up. Who dies of breast cancer at 31? I wanted to sue doctors, the hospital, everyone. I thought they were hiding something. No. Grief demands an answer, but sometimes there isn’t one. Her life couldn’t be saved. Period.”

(Tom Hammerschmidt)


“You think I don’t want to smash things? I know what that anger is more than you can imagine.”

(Claire Underwood)


“In my experience with the Chinese, backpedaling makes us look weak. I had two choices: lose face or exhibit strength. I chose the latter.”

(Catherine Durant)


“Frank is right. We need to be pragmatic. Worry about appearances later.”

(Raymond Tusk)


“Do you hear how he still uses the President’s given name? And that Walker doesn’t flinch at the lack of respect it implies?”

(Francis Underwood)




Frank: Well, it’s always a coin toss with the Chinese. But sometimes, standing your ground is better than giving in. They respect you more when you show strength.
President Walker: Are you changing your mind on this, Frank?
Frank: I just think it’s important that you do what you think is best. The American people voted you president, not me, not Raymond Tusk.


“You know, there’s nothing I despise more in life than pettiness.”

(Francis Underwood)



Jackie: I know Ted since I was born. He and my father were very close.
Frank: Yeah, I’m aware.
Jackie: He’s always looked out for me. He got me into West Point. He funded my first race.
Frank: I like Ted. He’s always been a team player. It’s unfortunate he has this secret.
Jackie: It was a mistake. One he’s always regretted. After she was born, he asked me to check in on her because he couldn’t. Because he trusted me.
Frank: I see. You came in here knowing what you had to do, hoping I would pull a rabbit out of a hat so you wouldn’t have to.
Jackie: I know the girl. I know her mother. These people don’t deserve this.
Frank: I’ve given you all I can. Whatever you decide is your prerogative. But maybe I misjudged you.
Jackie: Ted is family to me.
Frank: An adopted daughter, in lieu of a real one.


“For too long, we’ve danced on eggshells regarding the issue of cyber-warfare. Secretary Durant acted on instructions that came directly from me. Now, if the Chinese are not willing to engage in a meaningful dialogue about intellectual property of American corporations, as well as this deliberate targeting of our government’s online infrastructure, well, then that is proof of a double-standard mentality that we shall no longer tolerate.”

(President Garrett Walker)



Frank: What are you suggesting, Raymond?
Tusk: He’s easily manipulated.
Frank: Clearly, not in this case.
Tusk: We need to fix this. And I’m counting on you for that, Frank.
Frank: Let me freshen your memory. I don’t owe you any favors. I promised to work with you, not for you. And when it comes to China, we both want the same thing. So we need to work together.
Tusk: To convince Garrett he should retract.
Frank: To support the president in the path that he’s chosen.
Tusk: While he continues to antagonize them publicly.
Frank: While he continues to benefit from a bump in approval ratings. A tough stance on China is popular, and we can use that to our advantage. Let’s just be patient and see if we can smooth things over from back channels.
Tusk: If I don’t see any results, you won’t have my patience for long.


“There is no out. He wants it to hurt.”

(Jackie Sharp)


“When I first encouraged you to run for office, it’s because I sensed how unstoppable you were. But I never thought I’d have to lie down on the tracks myself. If you’re going to put my neck in the noose, look me in the eye while you do it.”

(Ted Havemeyer)










Sutradara: Carl Franklin

Penulis Skenario: Beau Willimon

Berdasarkan Novel Karya Michael Dobbs: “House of Cards”

Musik: Jeff Beal

Sinematografer: Igor Martinovic

Tayang Perdana: 14 Februari 2014

Durasi: 49 Menit

Nonton di: Netflix

Rating: 4 dari 5 Bintang


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