The Good Place S1 : E1 – Pilot

Alasan utamaku nonton series ini karena penasaran banget dengan suaranya Kristen Bell. Dia kan pengisi suara tokoh Gossip Girl di serial Gossip Girl. Ternyata suaranya agak beda dengan yang biasa aku dengar di series tersebut. Selain itu, aku lumayan tertarik dengan judulnya. The Good Place? Yang kayak gimana, ya?

Dari sinopsisnya, aku menduga series ini akan mengupas banyak soal psikologi. Nggak tahunya ini lebih ke sisi agama. Dan aku lebih terkejut lagi begitu tahu ada campuran fantasinya. Sepertinya creator series ini ingin berbagi pendapatnya mengenai kehidupan setelah kematian. Beberapa pendapat agama soal ini pun sempat diungkap sedikit. Karena settingnya setelah kematian, itu berarti semua tokoh dalam series ini udah pada mati dan mereka sedang menjalani fase kehidupan setelah kematian. Mereka semua berada di sebuat tempat bernama The Good Place.

Aku belum terlalu menikmati episode satu series ini karena beberapa hal. Mungkin karena topik yang religius tapi dibalut komedi? Atau karena komedinya yang kurang lucu? Entahlah. Satu hal yang aku suka adalah settingnya yang indah dan begitu penuh warna. Mata jadi betah nontonnya. Selain itu pendapat beberapa tokoh mengenai kebaikan dan keburukan lumayan menarik untuk diikuti.

Sebenarnya aku sedikit curiga, jangan-jangan apa yang dialami Eleanor nggak nyata. Dia cuma sedang menjalani sesi terapi hingga mengulik alam bawah sadarnya. Ini salah satu hal yang bikin penasaran dan minta pembuktian. Jadi, semoga episode duanya bisa lebih menarik.








Eleanor: Oh, one question. Where am I? Who are you? And what’s going on?
Michael: Right. So you, Eleanor Shellstrop, are dead. Your life on Earth has ended. And you are now in the next phase of your existence in the universe.




Eleanor: So who was right? I mean about all of this?
Michael: Well, let’s see. Hindus are a little bit right, Muslims a little bit, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, every religion guessed about 5 percent. Except for Doug Forcett.
Eleanor: Who.. Who Doug Forcett?
Michael: Well, Doug was a stoner kid who lived in Calgary during the 1970s. One night he got really high on mushrooms, and his best friend Randy said, “Hey, what do you think happens after we die?” And… Doug just launched into this long monologue where he got like ninety-two percent correct. I mean, we couldn’t believe what we were hearing.



“Well, it’s not the “heaven” or “hell” idea that you were raised on. But generally speaking, in the afterlife, there’s a Good Place and there’s a Bad Place. You’re in the Good Place.




“Hello, everyone and welcome to your first day in the afterlife. You were all simply-put: good people. But how do we know that you were good? How are we sure? During your time on Earth, everyone of your actions had a positive or a negative value, depending on how much good or bad that action put into the universe. Every sandwich you ate, every time you bought a magazine, every single thing you did had an affect that rippled out over time, and ultimately created some amount of good or bad. You know how some people pull into the breakdown lane when there’s traffic, and they think to themselves, “Ah, who cares? No one’s watching.” We were watching. Surprise. Anyway, when your time on Earth has ended, we calculate the total value of your life, using our perfectly accurate measuring system. Only the people with the very highest scores, the true cream of the crop get to come here, to The Good Place! What happens to everyone else, yo ask? Don’t worry about it. The point is: you are here because you lived one of the very best lives that you could be lived. And you won’t be alone! Your true soulmate is here too! That’s right, soulmates are real. One of the other people in your Neighborhood is your actual soulmate, and you will spend eternity together!”




“Look, I might not have been a saint, but it, it’s not like I killed anybody. I wasn’t an arsonist.”

(Eleanor Shellstrop)



“All I’m saying is, these people might be “good”, but are they really that much better than me?”

(Eleanor Shellstrop)


“And you deserve a perfect world. Because every single one of you is a good person.




“This system sucks. What, one in a million gets to live in paradise and everyone else is tortured for eternity? Come on! I mean I wasn’t freakin’ Gandhi, but I was okay. I was a medium person. I should get to spend eternity in a medium place, like Cincinnati. Everyone who wasn’t perfect, but wasn’t terrible should get to spend eternity in Cincinnati.”

(Eleanor Shellstrop)



“My soul is in your hands, soulmate.”

(Eleanor Shellstrop)










Sutradara: Drew Goddard

Penulis Skenario: Michael Schur

Musik: David Schwartz

Sinematografer: Barry Peterson

Desain Kostum: Kriston Leigh Mann

Tayang Perdana: 19 September 2016

Durasi: 24 Menit

Nonton di: Iflix

Rating: 3 dari 5 Bintang

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